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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analyse des précipitations dans un bassin versant : cas du bassin versant de la Tafna – AlgérieBelarbi, Fadila; Meddi, Mohamed; Bouchelkia, Hamid
2020Analysis of Flood Characteristics in the Context of Climate Variability in Northern Algeria: Case of Cheliff WatershedSadeuk Ben Abbes, Abdelkader; Meddi, Mohamed; Renima, Mohamed
2020Analysis of meteorological drought sequences at various timescales in semi-arid climate: case of the Cheliff watershed (northwest of Algeria)Hallouz, Faiza; Meddi, Mohamed; Mahé, Gil
2022Assessment of Water Soil Erosion by RUSLE Model Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Wadi Cheliff Basin (Algeria)Toumi, Samir; Meddi, Mohamed; Mahé, Gil
2021Bilan de masse et érosion dans le bassin de l'Oued Mina Nord-ouest algérienHallouz, Faiza; Ammari, Abdelhadi; Meddi, Mohamed
2020Characterization of the interannual variability of precipitation and runoff in the Cheliff and Medjerda basins (Algeria)Khedimallah, Abderrahmane; Meddi, Mohamed; Mahé, Gil
2021Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on the decrease of sediment discharge to the Mediterranean coast from the largest river of MaghrebHadour, Ali; Mahé, Gil; Meddi, Mohamed
2021Comparison of conceptual rainfall–runoff models in semi-arid watersheds of eastern AlgeriaAbdi, Ishak; Meddi, Mohamed
2020Complete multivariate flood frequency analysis, applied to northern AlgeriaKarahacane, Hafsa; Meddi, Mohamed; Chebana, Fateh
2023Daily reference evapotranspiration estimation based on a different input combination using an artificial neural network. Case study of the Mitidja plain (N. Algeria)Gherbi, Khadidja; Ammari, Abdelhadi; Meddi, Mohamed
2020Delineation of groundwater recharge zones in the Mitidja plain, north Algeria, using multi-criteria analysisBoufekane, Abdelmadjid; Meddi, Hind; Meddi, Mohamed
2022Diachronic Study of Land Cover of the Medjerda Watershed and Estimation of RUSLE-C Factor Using NDVI-Based Equation, Remote Sensing, and GISMenasria, Amine; Meddi, Mohamed; Habaieb, Hamadi
2022Effect of autocorrelation on temporal trends in airtemperature in Northern Algeria and links with teleconnections patternsTaïbi, Sabrina; Zeroual, Ayoub; Meddi, Mohamed
2020Estimation of extreme floods by regional methods in Trois Rivières watershed - North West AlgeriaTalia, Amel; Meddi, Mohamed
2023Estimation of soil erosion and sediment yield in Wadi El Hachem watershed (Algeria) using the RUSLE-SDR approachSaoud, Mohammed; Meddi, Mohamed
2022Estimation of the probable maximum precipitation (PMP) in the Cheliff semi-arid region (Algeria)Boucefiane, Abdelkader; Meddi, Mohamed
2018Etude des crues dans le bassin du CheliffHallouz, Faiza; Meddi, Mohamed; Sadeuk, Abdel Kader
2022Evalution of physico-chemical quality of groundwater of Khemis Miliana Plain (North West Algeria)Sadeuk Ben Abbas, Abdelkader; Meddi, Mohamed; Boucefiane, Abdelkader
2020Évolution de la concentration des sédiments en suspension et du débit liquide durant les crues et le phénomène d’Hystérésis dans le sous bassin de l’Oued Djdiouia (Nord-ouest algérien)Hallouz, Faiza; Meddi, Mohamed; Rahmani, Salah Eddine Ali
2020Hydrological drought risk recurrence under climate change in the karst area of Northwestern AlgeriaBouabdelli, Senna; Meddi, Mohamed; Zeroual, Ayoub