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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Contribution of Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic Tools to the Management of Upper and Middle Cheliff AquifersElaid, Madene; Meddi, Hind; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid
2020Delineation of groundwater recharge zones in the Mitidja plain, north Algeria, using multi-criteria analysisBoufekane, Abdelmadjid; Meddi, Hind; Meddi, Mohamed
2021Effects of temperature and relative humidity on the COVID‑19 pandemic in different climates: a study across some regions in Algeria (North Africa)Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Busico, Gianluigi; Maizi, Djamel
2020Human activity impact on surface water quality in semi-arid regions: a case study of Aïnzeda lake (North-East Algeria)Mebarkia, Abdelhafid; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid
2022Hybridization of DRASTIC Method to Assess Future GroundWater Vulnerability Scenarios: Case of the Tebessa-Morsott Alluvial Aquifer (Northeastern Algeria)Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Belloula, Moufida; Busico, Gianluigi
2022Hybridization of GALDIT method to assess actual and future coastal vulnerability to seawater intrusionBoufekane, Abdelmadjid; Maizi, Djamel; Madene, Elaid
2022Identification of groundwater potential zones using remote sensing, GIS, machine learning and electrical resistivity tomography techniques in Guelma basin, northeastern AlgeriaBraham, Massinissa; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Bourenane, Hamid
2020Identification of potential area of recharge using geospatial and multi-criteria decision analysis in the Macta watershed (Western Algeria)Maizi, Djamel; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Ait Ouali, Kader
2023Impact of climatic variability on groundwater resources in the Eastern Mitidja plain, AlgeriaMakhlouf, Nouara; Maizi, Djamel; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid
2022Modified DRASTIC index model for groundwater vulnerability mapping using geostatistic methods and GIS in the Mitidja plain area (Algeria)Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Yahiaoui, Samir; Meddi, Hind
2015Recharge artificielle de la nappe de la MitidjaMeddi, Mohamed; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Meddi, Hind
2022Spatial analysis and mapping of the groundwater quality index for drinking and irrigation purpose in the alluvial aquifers of upper and middle Cheliff basin (north-west Algeria)Elaid, Madene; Boufekane, Abdelmadjid; Meddi, Mohamed